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 Welcome To Sirocco!, Start here!
 Posted: Jun 16 2017, 01:02 PM


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Welcome to Sirocco Weyr, a semi-canon play-by-post roleplaying forum based on Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern series. Knowledge of the books and the world of Pern is useful, but not essential to join here; you can find all the information you will need to start below. We include all resources regarding our unique Canon & Site Lore in our Records & Documentation section.

If you have any additional questions these can be send via PM to Zahhy or post in the Help Centre. Good luck and happy writing!

I. Where to Start

We've tried to make joining Sirocco as easy as possible! We don't require applications, although Admin will review any character you create and may make alteration requests after you post.

Everything you need to know to start playing at Sirocco is in our Information Hub under The Basics. We've compiled a shortlist below that should help guide you.

- Application Forms & Profiles - These are the templates for adding new characters to the forums and are the templates you should use when posting a new Profile. This also includes our Questionnaires for updating our Google Spreadsheet Records & Statistics Sections!

- What to Expect - We don't have any formal activity checks, but we do archive characters that go inactive for 4+ months. This section also includes guidelines for clutching characters (Gold Dragons & Whers, or Gold & Green Firelizards).

- Canon & FAQ - Here you'll find frequently asked questions & answers, as well as the major deviations from Anne's Pern to Sirocco.

- Rules & Information We generally play under a 2-2-2 Rating and you must be 18 years of age to join.

- Guidelines for Accounts - All you have to do is register an Out of Character account where your character accounts will link back to. Our availability and other guidelines can be found there too.

- When registering a new account you'll be promoted to provide an Application (a.k.a Profile) & Plot Page numbers, but don't fret! These numbers can be updated at any time after you've joined and get each posted.

- As a new member you are able to pick up Adoptables as your first character if you like!

II. Current Staff

Right now our only active Staff member is Zahhy. If you have any questions that you wish to direct to admin, please PM them directly. Our Help Centre, ChatBox, and Discord Chat are also good places to ask if you don't mind long-time members also answering your questions!
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We also have Discord Chat - To join, please click here.

'Sirocco' based on Alpha 2.0 by gunblaza. Coded by Capricorn for Sirocco Weyr
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