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 Records & Statistics, Just Some Important Numbers
 Posted: Nov 9 2017, 11:33 AM


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Records & Statistics

At Sirocco we do our best to keep updated Records & Statistic sections. You'll have seen mention of our character record submission in the Forms & Templates section, however, our records go far beyond that to include the dragonkin lineage, site calendar for in and out of character events, and basic statistics and recources to help you visualize and create your characters and their dragonkin!

To view Sirocco Weyr's Records & Statistics click below:
Dragonkin Clutch Records
Site Statistics
Site Calendar

Additional Recources

You'll find access to most of what you need above an in the rest of The Basics Section of our forum, however, we have some additional cool resources for you to check out!

To view Sirocco Weyr's Extras click below:
Dragonkin Size Calculator
Dragonkin Size Comparison
Dragon Size Charts
Wher Size Charts
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